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The battle of Barra de Potosí I

Swindlers in the web

In the blog: http://zihuatanejo-ixtapa.blogspot.com/2008/08/zihuatanejos-neighbors-under-attack.html Roberto Whitehead posts an article under the scandalizing title: “La batalla de la Barra de Potosí” (The battle of Barra de Potosí in English). The article is inaccurate and does not mention which were the real reasons that moved Whitehead to write it down, and these isn’t the result of a lack of knowledge neither of the region or Mexican legal framework since he has been around for a while. None of that, he hides in his blog his own interest in the Cerro de Guamilule discrediting a Mexican Company and encouraging the members of the Garibo Vargas Family to use violence against it; this is happening because he have received some money in order to serve as an intermediary between the Garibo Vargas Family and some USA-citizens to which he offers the land that he doesn’t own and doesn’t have any legal right for. This guy is supporting (economically speaking) those whose intention is to encroach upon the land since they don’t have any legal document that confirm them as the legal owners of the property; on the other hand the Mexican Company they are attacking does have such legal documentation.

The author offers very little information of himself in the blog. He only says he’s the webmaster. He doesn’t mention, either, that Judith Whitehead of Paradise Properties has sustained offers around the Cerro de Guamilule and has made a commitment to sell it, but now that the property has been publicly jeopardized the offer is no longer in the real estate company webpage. In accordance to our own investigation, Paradise Properties offers some building lots in Playa Blanca (Barra de Potosí) also without any legal documentation basing the ownership in the illegal invasion of some of those properties during 1989, 1990, 1991 and 92.

Judith Publicity and the picture that Roberto Whitehead publishes in his blog

Whitehead is involved in what in his own words is “La Batalla de Barra de Potosí” by encouraging the stripping off of the property, so he is and will be responsible in the legal action that will be implemented against such a unique family, known in the region because some of its members, after doing some felonies, have the habit of hiding in one of the property’s caves.

The Whiteheads consider themselves as some kind of protectors of the environment and of a poor farmer. This is a fat lie. Let’s take a look at some of their associates:

La Batalla de Barra de Potosí II

Ecological Cowboys On the beach

The Mexican Company which has legitimate right over three of the four properties in the Cerro de Guamilule received an unexpected visit in August, while their workers were trying to put up a fence limiting their property: a Durango truck that, with tinted windows, travelled through the land at high speed and withdrew through the rocks on the beach.

During the visit, María Isabel Garibo, yelled to the workers: “…¡¡¡they are Z (zetas) and in the night they will throw some bombs at you!!!, referring to the group linked to drug trafficking, which no longer is present at the region; as stated to this editorial by workers, tourists and locals that same day, just after the event had happened.

At the same time, a light aircraft (license XA-RCV) took off from the Zihuatanejo airport, flew over the Cerro really low, and quickly returned to its point of origin.

We show a preview to the readers and invite them to watch the video.

But addictions are terrible advisors. And what seemed to be the charge of General George Armstrong Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn ended the same way: in a disaster for the alleged Z. When it seemed this intimidation technique was working, the unexpected happened. The video we got our hands on is eloquent and shows us the ending. The testimonials gotten at the place evidenced other things. The crew was not who they said they were and while trying to avoid identification they were stuck between the bigger rocks and at the edge of the breaking waves. They tried to cross the sea to run away through the sand but they didn´t make it.

The maneuver did not work. They had to leave the truck and the dreaded “Z” turned out to be three characters in a revelry ethylic state. At the head of the group: Commander GZV 36- 95, William Micitaez Kulani, who is the representative of the company TIERRACOR S de RL de CV in the region.

The action of the gringo cowboys ended as the Punitive Expedition of the General John Pershing when he entered Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa with 10 thousand soldiers. It lasted eleven months without any result whatsoever. But in addition, this version of the Battle of the Cerro de Guamilule could have been produced by Groucho Marx if he was still amongst us.

The crew: Micitaez Kulani, Ponce Garibo and another American who laughs: About what?

The intervention of the environmentalist cowboys was not by chance. Costa Grande editors had access to documents signed by Micitaez Kulani, known as Will, with the Garibo Vargas to whom they paid an advance without confirming the validity of their legal rights.

Does Tierracor S. de R.L. de C.V. know the methods that Micitáez Kulani uses to acquire the land he offers?

Does the company Tierracor S. de R.L. de C.V. truly exist?

Do the clients of Paradise Properties research the quality and legality of the properties’ papers this company offers?

Will speculators, adventurers and middle men without scruples continue to impede the development of new job sources?

When will they let serious investments be made?

Additional material for consultation:

El Liberal, Tuesday the 26th of August, 2008

La Jornada Guerrero – Francisca Meza Carranza – 28th of August, 2008

El Sur – Brenda Escobar – 28th of August 2008

El Diario de Zihuatanejo - Juan Fco. Barrios Valverde – 28th of August, 2002

The Battle of Barra de Potosí III

Swindlers and cowboys interacting with the environment

The video delivered to us speaks for itself. Locals, tourists and fish had to run away in fright, the first because the rocks shot out like cannon balls by the truck’s wheels, the fish because oil and gasoline sprouted from each of its tanks, destroyed by the blows the Durango received when it tried to travel over the rocks.

ut this was not the only damage caused in the region. When the small group of María Isabel Garibo Vargas and Ulises Damián López, promoted and financed by Roberto Whitehead, William Micitaez Kulani and the laughing gringo, tried to consummate the eviction they used heavy machinery on the hill. The gap seen in the picture on one of the slopes of the hill and the filling of the old rural gap were made with machinery hired for that end and financed by the speculators and the environmental cowboys in an attempt to provide some form of possession to this particular family, so they can make a deal of their own, fact denounced by the Mexican Company and incorporated in the previous investigation (averiguación previa) PETA/AM/047/2008 for the felony of aggravated eviction against María Isabel Garibo Vargas, Ulises Damián López and others.

The strategy prompted by Roberto Whitehead, Willian Micitaez Kulani and the laughing gringo is intimidation. Using the delinquent family band as frontmen and denouncing damages to the environment committed by themselves in their attempt to consummate the eviction.

Why don’t they resort to legal action instead of promoting destruction and violence?

Who will they accuse when the legal actions undertaken by the Mexican Company come through?

Will they increase the level of violence?

The Battle for Barra de Potosí IV


The Garibo Vargas family has a history of being severely dysfunctional. Little or nothing is known of the origins or whereabouts of Celerino Garibo Vázquez. Of the people who knew him, some say that the family has hidden him, others that he’s dead. However, both versions agree that his absence is due to some debts he held in the area and that’s the reason he has been long missing from Los Achotes.

It’s hard to know the opinion of other family members, eleven according to María Isabel Garibo Vargas, since none has publicly come forward. Odilón and Rogelio Garibo Vargas, currently imprisoned, the reason for it can be found in the file AZUE/II/067/2000.They were charged with MURDER, KIDNAPPING AND ASSAULT performed with machetes between the night of the 25th of June and the dawn of the 26th of June, 2000 in a coconut field property of Rebeca Cerda Lucio. Murder of its guard, Pedro Carmen Moreno, kidnapping and murder of María Urgencia de La Cruz Aniceto and assault of the children Miguel Ángel y Cecilia Carmen de La Cruz, thirteen and nine, respectively.

Yet, María Isabel Garibo Vargas would rather say that they are little angels. So she said on the newspaper Despertar de la Costa on the 17th of November to the journalist Francisca Meza Carranza:”...she said, two of her brothers Odilón and Rogelio Garibo Vargas were framed for murder by Rebeca Cerda, a person who also wanted to invest in the land, therefore they remain imprisoned in the Centro de Readaptación Social (Social Readaptation Center) (CERESO) of Iguala.”

She could be using the family background to intimidate the Mexican Company’s workers when she states to the journalist Brenda Escobar from La Jornada Guerrero in an interview published the 14th of August, 2008: “…they are risking that one of my brothers loses his temper and gives them what they deserve, if this happens, then the police forces better not come looking for explanations …”

But there is something of interest in the file for the Mexican Company attacked by the gang of Whitehead - Kulani – Garibo Vargas and it’s not the crime. It’s the addresses of the accused in the statements to the authorities. Odilón Garibo Vargas says in the first investigation to be “… neighbor of the Rancho Miyahua, Petatlán Municipality, Guerrero, with known address…” The other accused, Rogelio Garibo Vargas, also on his first statement sets as an address “…Palos Blancos, Municipality of this city…” (Petatlán) and elaborates in the statement of the 3th of July adding:”…in La Parota street, no number, three blocks into the street…” In the same questioning of the 3th of July, 2000, is that Odilón and Rogelio acknowladge being sons of Clemencia Vargas Mancilla and Celerino Garibo Vázquez and that both ignore if the latter is alive.

Now let’s see the situation of María Isabel Garibo Vargas, who claims to be a “poor land owner (ejidataria)” whose house, according to her, has been destroyed. She has never lived on the Cerro and the image shown below is where she currently lives: a “humble” two-story house in Los Achotes.

Billares Damián and view of the house where the “poor ejidataria” lives.

She has also shown her knowledge of the land. So she has demonstrated in statements to the press: “…whoever pretends to strip of 144 hectares from the eleven members of her family…” Statement to Despertar de la Costa – 18th of July, 2008 –Written by Luvos César Amaro.

Friday the 8th of August she states to the journalist Brenda Escobar of the newspaper El Sur that the area is 148 hectares. She confirms the same amount to Félix Rea Salgado in the note published the 14th of August, 2008 in Despertar de la Costa.

Finally, the 26th of November in a statement to Francisca Meza Carranza published in the newspaper Despertar de la Costa almost gets it right and says:”If they assure that 40 hectares of the hill belong to them, why would they want to close the entire hill where there are almost 90 hectares.”

The company who owns the property of the Cerro de Guamilule has been an opportunity for her and Ulises Damián López, an opportunity to extort in order to get money. They do, say and act to obtain some form of possession since they have knowledge of the investment the Company promotes for the region. They resort to violence and damages like what happened the 1st of September, 2008, when they tore down the fence and stated to the newspaper Despertar de la Costa that they weren’t committing any felony according to their particular point of view.

If for at least nine years Odilón lived with his mother at Rancho Miyahua, Rogelio in Palos Blancos and the father was missing, what possession are the Garibo Vargas claiming?

If they had valid documents, shouldn’t they know the exact area of the property?

She wants to negotiate, on which grounds if she doesn’t even have credited possession? Only through violence?

Watch Video What a Beautiful Family

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